Goddess Chef Luckett, Owner & CEO

Gluten-Free, Vegan, & Plant-Based Cuisine Chef 
Food Protection Manager ServSafe Certified (2016-2021)
Food Allergen Servsafe Certified (2016-2019)
Cooking instructor 
Cocusocial Nov 2018-July 2019 (251 students)
Clients serviced: Mossy Nissan, Chula Vista Toyota, Howard Parking Management Service, Pan American Employees, Documart, Postal Service Employees, Gentilly Mail & Copy Center, A&M Notary, and Auto Zone just to name a few 

Grand Rising Queens & Kings 


          I am a personal chef/instructor. Cooking is aromatherapy to me and every day I dive deeper into it.  I've been cooking for 20 years and I am in love with my passion. I am gluten-free and vegan, meaning I do not eat meat, gluten, or dairy products. I did not grow up a vegan, but it's a choice I do not regret. So many make the change based on a trend, but it's been an amazing experience and a journey I have continued for the past 7 years. It has not been easy, but the reward is oh so worth it.  I am a Yogi, Animal lover, Reiki and Meditation instructor, Soul Therapist, Bruja Goddess, and lover of all things positive. 


           What does being vegan means to me? Well, to be honest for me it means giving me life. Back in 2011, I was 230lbs and very unhappy with myself for becoming so unhealthy. I could barely go up a flight of stairs without being tired, plus having to go to the doctor constantly was becoming a headache. I was being tested for thyroid disease, diabetes, heart problems and I was so damn depressed. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me. I had become a shell of who I was, hollow and empty. There was barely any joy in my life that I could feel, but no one ever knew because I kept a smile on my face. After facing the truth behind why I was so miserable, I had to take control of my health and stop just talking about changing for the better. I decided to try the 30-day vegan challenge after having a conversation with one of my coworkers at the time. I was so afraid that I would not be able to have a wide variety of food anymore since I wasn't eating meat, but I found a way to enhance my taste buds and satisfy my cravings. From the sole of my feet to the crown of my head I am unapologetically living my best life-giving back into the Universe, aligning myself while growing and walking in my truth.

            My business was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I'm currently residing in sunny San Diego, California. In the beginning, I created Vegetarian Oasis so that everyone (vegans and meat lovers) can eat together. I was tired of only having a salad to choose from and not being able to eat out in the same place as my wife. Not to mention, I also have Celiac disease. I can't just eat anywhere and anything I want, I needed a gluten-free kitchen and food with flavor. Since I could not find a restaurant to cater to my needs so I created a place.

           The name Growth of a Goddess was born when I realized that I wanted my business to reflect me as a chef and my vision. What we eat contributes to our growth both physically and spiritually. After my 30th birthday in May 2019, I had an emotional breakdown on the day of my Father's 4 year passing anniversary and honestly, I didn't know why. I took the time to find myself, truly find myself because I was lost. I never thought growing up that my Father would not be here physically when I turned 30 and it hurt to my core. I had realized that I was lying to myself on why I still cooked meat for my customers. I was so afraid that if I cooked strictly vegan and vegetarian that my customer base would be gone, so I continued until my 30th birthday. I begged my Father when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Terminal Advanced Prostate Cancer to go plant-based, stop eating meat and white sugar because I wanted him to beat what was eating his life away inside. If I wouldn't feed the food I was cooking to my Father how could I serve that to my clients. 

            I cannot live my truth if I am worried about losing clients versus their health. I believe in my cooking and the love I put in each meal I create enriches your body and soul. I want to inspire others to unlearn what society has told us for so long, "We need to eat meat, we need to drink cow's milk to live a long and healthy life." Your life is precious and what you put into it is just as important as your environment. Everything contributes to your growth, (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally) so why not put the best into yourself. If I cook for you I will only feed you for that meal, but if I teach and give you the tools to thrive, you will be fed for life.

I am Food Protection Manager ServSafe certified and Allergen ServSafe Certified. I specialize in meal prep, private parties, cooking classes, vegan, gluten-free, CBD/THC infused meals and desserts, and Liquor infused desserts.  

           I want to thank all of my previous and future clients for allowing me to help you on this amazing journey called life. 


Private Dinners, Party cooking classes, and One on One cooking classes are available for booking!!! Book Today

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